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The Coastal Wildflower
RMIT x Linen House

date. 2020

This project provided insight into the world of professional design through RMIT's partnership with Australian home deco store Linen House. This allowed me to explore the experience of designing to a professional brief and creating a bedstory Collection for the Spring/Summer 21/22 timeframe.

The Coastal Wildflower aims to capture the essence of an escape to the seaside.  Think picnic by soft grasses, spindly native wild-flowers, and sweet, lush summer fruits.  this theme, styled according to a retro influence, brings the wild outdoors into the bedroom in a sophisticated, yet playful manner.  Colour in this project is influenced by the idea of coastal summer picnics.  Trend research evidenced muted naturals and earthy tones for S/S 21/22, fitting with a rustic interior style.

Mood Boards

Design Development Snapshot

Final Bedflat

Bedflat Labelled.jpg

Print Design Specifications

Bed Accessory Specifications

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