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Technicolour Terrace

date. 2020

In this project, the brief invited exploration into the trend of Maximalism within home interiors. I chose to feature outdoor furniture and through investigating different furniture styles, I came to adore the Swedish/Scandinavian interior design style. As this style conveys simplicity, clean lines and vibrant spaces of minimalism, I was excited to create a collection of digital textile designs that convey maximalist design in a minimalistic furniture style.

The motif inspiration was drawn from geometric and floral textile design styles. Specifically Cuban geometric tiles and folk florals, with an added element of depth and history of Spanish embroidery. The design could be commercialised using a rotary print method, as it suits the intricate block colours as well as being more durable, colourfast and long-lasting for outdoor furniture.

The designs target families with outdoor living spaces in Australia, as busy designs work for busy people without the time to clean minimalistic furniture.

Storyboard and Journal Snapshot

Digital Design Collection

Specification Boards

Promotional Material

Layout online strategy rasterised.jpg

There was an additional promotional component to this project, where I simulated the digital design onto the intended furniture piece and then created two realistic advertisement pieces.

The advertising platforms chosen were a Pinterest Post and a Magazine.

A3 Paper Promo rasterised.jpg
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