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Pixar Uniform

date. 2017

In this project, the brief focused on developing skills in dyeing and printing whilst designing to convey a particular ethos of a company. I chose to explore designs for Pixar Animation Studios, as I was drawn to the positive energy and people-centred company values. This allowed the ability to pursue interests in bold and playful printmaking.

Due to the element of inclusivity that Pixar demonstrates, it was important to consider a gender-neutral “uniform” design.  The pant-choice of culottes allowed a large canvas for featuring the various fabric designs. The techniques featured in this project are silk painting, marbling, devoré, tie-dye, screen printing and corn block stamping. Each fabric design is unique and shows an abstract design based on various different Pixar films.

Pixar Website Pages 1.jpg
Pixar Website Pages 2.jpg
Pixar Website Pages 3.jpg

Final Garments

Garment Sketches

Developmental Sketches

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