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interActivewear Pullover

date. 2021

Whilst the smartphone is a useful tool that has proven itself highly productive to users, in unregulated circumstances the issue of smartphone addiction inflicts negative consequences on the user both physically and socially. The interActivewear Pullover (iAP) is a smart-activewear product within the current Internet of Things that encourages less screen time. This innovative Wearable brings wellness to the forefront of the wearers mind, by providing the opportunity to detach from one’s phone while cherishing the activity of exercise. The intention of the iAP is to provide active individuals a comfortable and easy-to-use Wearable product that guides breathing and stretching exercises through visual and haptic cues.

Using naturally breathable and absorbent cotton knit material, this Wearable is a perfect post-exercise layer, keeping the body warm whilst preparing for a cool-down routine. Electronics have been expertly integrated into an applique design on the front of the bodice and throughout bound seams. A soft ‘hugging’ sensation, designed to bring the wearer comfort, can be felt at the sleeves, collar, and waistband. This also plays a role in the shaping of the Wearable, with its aesthetic leaning into gender-neutral contemporary designer activewear.

Colour has been integral to the design decision making of the iAP. The LED colours of blue, green, and white, as well as fabric colours of white and grey, have been carefully selected to deliver an optimally calming Wearable.  Blue and green have a psychological association with calm, balance, and refreshment.  User comfort is also essential, so extra fabric reinforces the elbows to prolong garment life and make the wearer more comfortable in specific stretches. Electronic features are embedded on the upper chest as this location has little impact or impracticality.


The iAP is a highly functional, comfortable Wearable that successfully provides wearers the ability to switch off while still using technology to advance everyday active pursuits. 


Prototype Sketch

Final Working Prototype

P1030524 annotation.jpg
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