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date. 2017

The focus of this project was fabric creation. Designers were given a brief that outlined to choose a film or stage show that sat within the genre of either fantasy, sci-fi, or historic. Then, to create a textile piece or costume garment using one or multiple fabric creation techniques (such as knit or weave).

This cloak was designed as a costume article for The Lord of The Rings, inspired by the Elf King Thranduil.  The intention for the piece was aimed to be a ceremonial or celebratory heirloom, so elegance and decoration were key considerations.

This cloak features a 3-meter woven panel, using an 8-shaft table loom. The twill design was maintained throughout transitions between thick and thin weft yarns that were changed organically to achieve a balanced, but not symmetrical, design. The technique of wet-felting was also explored in this piece, with the interlacing vine-inspired trim at the centre front of the body, cup-forms at the base, and nuno-felted embellishment at the back.

Cloak Website pages 1.jpg

Costume Sketches

Cloak Website pages 2.jpg

Final Costume

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