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Bloom: Cultivating Happiness

date. 2019

In this project, I explored mark making, hand rendering techniques and printmaking through an overall theme of “bloom”, with the inspiration and subject matter of live flowers. Through studying various flower-arrangements and those within nature, I developed motifs to evoke the mood of “cultivating happiness”. With the design guidelines of a 5-colour palette and two-screen print, the final design collection is bold and refined.


There are two elements to the final collection of designs: hand-painted paper designs, and printed textile swatches. 

Design Development Pages

Hand-Painted Paper Design Collection

Printed Textile Design Collection

5 x Final Swatches


8 x Experimental Swatches


Digital Placement Print with beading embellishment
((Disperse & Sublimation)

Final 2m Length

Further Development

IMG_4868 (1).JPG

I independently furthered this design in the interest of reducing waste and using up already mixed print paste. With fabric I had purchased as another final base option and the remainder of my opaque yellow paste I printed this length of fabric. Even though the screen only repeated horizontally, due to the nature of the petal screen, the design could be flipped and approximated. I then heat set the length and sewed the fabric into a pair of casual wide-leg pants.

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